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In Memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z"l

11/20/2020 02:25:21 PM


In Memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l

By, Rabbi Marc Soloway

My mother reminded me of the story of when she was flying back from Israel to London after Passover and shortly after my father died.  When she landed at Heathrow, she struggled a little getting her bag from the overhead compartment and a kind voice said “allow me.”  My mother turned to see Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks as the source of the helpful offer, which she accepted.  This episode is a reminder of the humility, dignity and kindness that can be the qualities of great leaders.  Jonathan Sacks, whose death came as a shock to the Jewish world and beyond, was an intellectual giant and a voice of moral authority whose influence has been broad and significant.

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Sun, November 28 2021 24 Kislev 5782