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Programs and Events

Pirkei Avot:
 Week 5
Rabbi Charna Rosenholtz

Tuesday, May 24| 7:00
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SHAVUOT שבועות
June 4 - Shavuot with Boulder's Rabbis - Torah of Life, Paths of Peace Haver program (7:00pm-1:30am) in-person registration required or livestream. For more information click here
June 5 - First day at 9:30 am
June 6 - Second day 9:30
      Hallel, Book of Ruth,
      Torah Service, Yizkor

Shmita as Derech Eretz: Our Path to Save the World
This week's class is canceled. Wednesday May, 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Next month's class is on June 27th.
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Welcome To Congregation Bonai Shalom
We are a vibrant and talented community of individuals that are dedicated to supporting one another and the community as a whole. Congregation Bonai Shalom is a diverse, multi-generational congregation. We have, as our foundation, a warm, accepting, and participating membership. We are an inclusive congregation. We welcome and strive to accommodate people of all abilities, and encourage all members of our community to participate.

COVID Assistance
Have you, or someone you know, been impacted by COVID? 

Many have been negatively impacted by the Pandemic. Bonai has reserved some of our Purim funds to assist members. Please email us so we can share in the mitzvah of healing and restoration. If you have any questions, please contact

Join Our Community
Congregation Bonai Shalom invites you to join our community! Please contact us at or 303-442-6605 for information on
membership, or go to our Membership page for more information and the application.

Our Values

A Vibrant, spiritual practice filled with meaningful lifecycle events.

A flourishing school and lifelong learning community.

An inclusive community where members connect socially, care for each other through acts of loving-kindness, and steward the world beyond our walls through social action. 

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Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyyar 5782