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A Eulogy for Barbara Trager z"l

07/09/2024 10:00:52 PM


A Eulogy for Barbara Trager, delivered on Tuesday July 9th at Bonai Shalom before we laid her to rest.  A sad day indeed. Rabbi Marc
​​​​​

Shabbat Shalom from Ramah of the Rockies!

06/21/2024 12:16:29 PM


Once again, I am so privileged and grateful to be spending time at this wonderful Jewish summer camp, Ramah of the Rockies.  An astonishing Read more...

Yom HaZikkaron - Honoring their Memories

05/12/2024 04:03:05 PM


On this American Mother's Day, Israel is already in the midst of the very somber Yom Hazikaron, memorial day.  This year's commemoration will be likeRead more...

Mah Nishtana - How different is this Passover!

04/22/2024 09:58:57 AM


Mah nishtana, the introduction to the Four Questions, sung by the youngest child at tables across the Jewish world on this night, asks "how is this niRead more...

IMPORTANT: Early Registration Discounts for CBS School - Calendar

04/15/2024 04:47:05 PM


Please note that we will send out an updated calendar next week.  Thank you for your patience! RSVP for 4/19 Family Kabbalat Shabbat Here RegisRead more...

IMPORTANT: Early Registration Discounts for CBS School

04/15/2024 04:17:01 PM


Dear families,

Please join us to meet a finalist as we prepare to select and welcome a new Education Director! We have added Family Kabbalat ShabbatRead more...

A Surreal and Scary Night

04/14/2024 09:25:24 AM


After a sweet and celebratory Shabbat in Tel Aviv for my cousin Libby's Bat Mitzvah, we wandered over to the protests, which were much more sRead more...

What Gives you hope? Shabbat Shalom from Tel Aviv

04/12/2024 06:03:35 AM


Shabbat Shalom from Tel Aviv
At the Shabbat table in Jerusalem last Friday, our host, my old friend Nigel Savage, asked us to go round and say who we Read more...

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

04/05/2024 07:03:19 AM


Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

An old friend invited me to join a group in the Old City to hand out dates and water to Muslims in East Jerusalem endinRead more...

Zone of Discomfort - Listening Circle

03/15/2024 02:45:39 PM


Some of you know that my oldest friend in the world is Jonathan Glazer whose brilliant film, Zone of Interest, set in Auschwitz, won two AcadRead more...

From London with Love - Shabbat Shalom

11/09/2023 11:00:54 PM


Thank you for the messages of condolence on the loss of my Uncle Peter, my mother's baby brother, and for the support from our leadership that has enRead more...

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

11/03/2023 07:52:45 AM


What does it mean to wish each other a Shabbat Shalom when we are in the midst of an awful war?  Here in Israel, everyone, secular and religious, shoRead more...

Live from Israel - Wednesday at 1pm and blog

10/31/2023 04:38:58 PM


I arrived in Israel early on Monday morning to join a Solidarity Mission and have had a very full and intense couple of days.  There is so mRead more...

Solidarity Shabbat Shalom from London!

10/27/2023 04:26:09 AM


As some of you know, I was meant to be in Israel this week celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of a cousin in the beautiful and historic Neveh TzedekRead more...

A Message from Rabbi Marc

10/10/2023 10:24:07 AM


We are devastated and heartbroken in the wake of brutal terrorist attacks by Hamas in southern Israel and the ongoing atrocities and attacks from two borders. With over 1000 Israelis dead, the scale of this is unimaginable and unbearable and the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust. So many in our community have family members in Israel, many of whom have been called up for service. We all know someone who knows someone who has been...Read more...

Ashamnu, Ahavnu - We have Abused and Loved, We have Betrayed and Blessed - Yom Kippur 5784

09/28/2023 04:26:25 PM



Many people will know the story about the Rabbi who a few days before Yom Kippur is so overcome by feelings of humility that he walked into the sanctuary of his shul,prostrated himself in front of the aron hakodesh, started frantically beating his chest “I’m nobody, I’m nothing, I’m nobody, I’m nothing.” After a few minutes the chazzan walked in and saw his colleague and decided it’s...Read more...

July Journeys - Bringing the Past to the Future - Kol Nidrei 5784

09/28/2023 01:09:38 PM


On July 1st I shared a Shabbat lunch in Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter of Krakow in Poland with Marcel and his wife Marya on their 66th wedding anniversary. Marcel Zielinski was born into Krakow’s thriving Jewish community in September 1934. By 1941, he and his family were relocated to the Ghetto until Marcel was interned in the Plaszow concentration camp, built just outside the city. In October 1944, he and his father...Read more...

The Days in Between - Rosh HaShanah sermons

09/20/2023 01:09:43 PM


A few people have been asking about the Rosh HaShanah messages and I am happy to share the recordings on you tube here, with the text of sermon on AWRead more...

Shabbat Comfort and peace - Coming Home with a New Torah!

07/28/2023 10:55:28 AM


I am just preparing for my last Shabbat in London before returning next week to Boulder with our old-new Torah!  The Shabbat after the painfRead more...

Shabbat Shalom - Rebuilding the World through Love

07/21/2023 12:10:00 PM


This Shabbat is called Shabbat Hazon after the vision of Isiah seeing the destruction of Jerusalem. It is the Shabbat that comes before TishaRead more...

Shabbat Shalom from London!

07/14/2023 10:59:28 AM


I am so grateful for the adventurous travels that I have been blessed with this summer so far.  I am still processing the 6 days that I spenRead more...

Reflections from Krakow on July 4th

07/04/2023 09:40:03 AM


It has been an unbelievable 6 days in Poland with my old friend and colleague Rabbi Greg Alexander from Cape Town, South Africa.  On ThursdaRead more...

International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Shabbat Shalom

01/27/2023 02:12:19 PM


Dear  {{first_name}}
Last week, I had the honor of speaking at the Boulder City Council and receiving the certificate signed Mayor Aaron Brockett decRead more...

Kristallnacht - Lest we Forget

11/09/2022 12:08:13 PM


Dear {{first_name}},
Today is the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the horrific "night of broken glass" when Jewish shops, businesses and homes weRead more...

The Burning Palace - Shabbat Shalom!

11/04/2022 10:37:48 AM


Dear {{first_name}},
As we enter into the Shabbat of the Torah's third parsha, Lech L'Cha, in the week following Israel's election and preceding the Read more...

Shabbat Shalom - The Light of Creation!

10/21/2022 11:29:03 AM


"Our bodies churn with creativity rooted in the beginning of time.” 
This line jumped out to me from an article by Brian Thomas Swimme calRead more...

Brokenness, Healing and Repair - Yom Kippur Sermon 5783

10/06/2022 12:11:34 PM


Brokenness, Healing and Repair

I imagine many of us have memories of the last words spoken to us by a loved one, or an honored teacher before they died and the impact they had on us.  Recently I was remembering the last words my teacher Reb Zalman said to me a couple of weeks before he died 8 years ago when I visited him in hospital, not knowing it was going to be...Read more...

Lu Y'Hi - Let it Be! Kol Nidre Sermon 5783

10/06/2022 12:02:14 PM


Lu Yehi - Let it Be - Kol Nidre 5783

Lu Yehi, Lu Yehi, Ana, Lu Yehi
Kol shenevakesh - Lu Yehi.

May it be, may it be - Please - may it be
All that we seek, all that we ask for - may it be.

These words are very familiar to some of us and probably not at all to others. They are from the chorus of a very popular song by Nomi Shemer written in 1973....Read more...

Shabbat of Prayer and Returning

09/30/2022 03:47:36 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},I sincerely hope that  5783 has got off to a good start and that you had a meaningful Rosh HaShanah.  I want to express my deRead more...

Rosh Hashanah Dialogue with Rabbi Marc Soloway and Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny

09/29/2022 09:00:05 AM


Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784