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Kristallnacht - Lest we Forget

11/09/2022 12:08:13 PM


Dear {{first_name}},
Today is the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the horrific "night of broken glass" when Jewish shops, businesses and homes weRead more...

The Burning Palace - Shabbat Shalom!

11/04/2022 10:37:48 AM


Dear {{first_name}},
As we enter into the Shabbat of the Torah's third parsha, Lech L'Cha, in the week following Israel's election and preceding the Read more...

Shabbat Shalom - The Light of Creation!

10/21/2022 11:29:03 AM


"Our bodies churn with creativity rooted in the beginning of time.” 
This line jumped out to me from an article by Brian Thomas Swimme calRead more...

Brokenness, Healing and Repair - Yom Kippur Sermon 5783

10/06/2022 12:11:34 PM


Brokenness, Healing and Repair

I imagine many of us have memories of the last words spoken to us by a loved one, or an honored teacher before they died and the impact they had on us.  Recently I was remembering the last words my teacher Reb Zalman said to me a couple of weeks before he died 8 years ago when I visited him in hospital, not knowing it was going to be...Read more...

Lu Y'Hi - Let it Be! Kol Nidre Sermon 5783

10/06/2022 12:02:14 PM


Lu Yehi - Let it Be - Kol Nidre 5783

Lu Yehi, Lu Yehi, Ana, Lu Yehi
Kol shenevakesh - Lu Yehi.

May it be, may it be - Please - may it be
All that we seek, all that we ask for - may it be.

These words are very familiar to some of us and probably not at all to others. They are from the chorus of a very popular song by Nomi Shemer written in 1973....Read more...

Shabbat of Prayer and Returning

09/30/2022 03:47:36 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},I sincerely hope that  5783 has got off to a good start and that you had a meaningful Rosh HaShanah.  I want to express my deRead more...

Rosh Hashanah Dialogue with Rabbi Marc Soloway and Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny

09/29/2022 09:00:05 AM


About Time! Rosh HaShanah Sermon 5783

09/27/2022 10:29:20 PM


Rabbi Marc's Rosh HaShanah SermonAbout Time - 1st Day Rosh HaShanah 5783I spent a lot of time this summer by a beautiful, tidal river, a magical pRead more...

Entering 5783 with Gratitude and Sweetness!

09/25/2022 03:23:20 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},
We are just a few hours away from entering a new year on the Jewish calendar and our sacred space is set at the JCC ready for aRead more...

The end of an Era - May the Queen's Memory be a blessing!

09/09/2022 12:29:55 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},When my mother called me yesterday to share the news that Queen Elizabeth II had died, she was very emotional, shaken and sad.�Read more...

New Moon Shabbat - The Month of Connection!

08/26/2022 12:25:22 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},
This Shabbat is Shabbat Rosh Chodesh, bringing Sabbath and new moon together in an auspicious conjunction.  This Rosh Chodesh Read more...

A Eulogy for Bill Nagel

08/19/2022 02:36:37 PM


A Eulogy for William Fraser Nagel - Bonai Shalom, August 19th, 2022
Bill Nagel - May 31st, 1950 - August 16th, 2022

“And in the end it is not the y

Love and Comfort - Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Marc

08/12/2022 03:04:52 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},
Did you see that bright, full moon last night illuminating the sky?  Full moons are special and inspiring and, on the Jewish Read more...

Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Marc

08/05/2022 04:40:50 PM


Dear  {{first_name}},
Hope everyone is surviving the heat as new records are reached across the country and the world.  I was in London when the temRead more...

Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Marc

07/22/2022 11:18:21 AM


Dear  {{first_name}},
Gabbi, Ella, Emma, Noa, Arielle are the five young people who have a Bat Mitzvah at Bonai Shalom between August and October, inRead more...

Shabbat Reflections from the River

07/15/2022 04:58:05 AM


Dear  {{first_name}},
Our beloved teacher Morah Yehudis forwarded an email with the subject line from this quote by the neurosRead more...

Shabbat Reflections from London

07/08/2022 05:21:34 AM


Dear  {{first_name}}

Another week has gone by and it seems that every day brings some news of the chaos, instability and violence in this world.  IRead more...

D'var Torah June 18 

07/05/2022 04:49:26 PM


Given by Rabbi Sarah Bracha Gershuny


Shabbat Reflections from London

07/01/2022 10:04:59 AM


Dear  {{first_name}} I am so grateful to be back in London to celebrate a family Bar Mitzvah and to be able to reconnect with friends and family. Read more...

Shabbat Reflections and Supreme Court Decision

06/24/2022 12:59:59 PM


Like most of us, I am deeply disturbed by this morning's actions of The Supreme Court to overturn a 50 year old legal precedent allowing womeRead more...

Shabbat Shalom from Camp!

06/17/2022 12:10:49 PM


Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Marc!
Greetings from Ramah of the Rockies!  It is such a joy and privilege to be here among the staff and campers, incRead more...

Downloading Torah!

06/03/2022 01:47:23 PM


Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Marc!
Dear  {{first_name}},

This Shabbat is the last day of the Omer, day forty nine, seven complete weeks.  Some ofRead more...

D'Var Torah May 28, 2022 Parshat Bechukotai

05/30/2022 10:02:59 PM


In Parshat Bechukotai


Shabbat Reflections from Rabbi Marc

05/27/2022 05:14:08 PM


It is heartbreaking to enter yet another Shabbat in the wake of a horrific mass shooting and, of course, we are all reeling at these senselesRead more...

D'var Torah Parshat Behar

05/24/2022 02:34:41 AM


Update this content.


Parshat Kedoshim - Words of Torah from Alabama

05/08/2022 12:53:14 PM


Rabbi Marc

I never imagined that if Covid finally got me, I would be stuck in Alabama of all places!  Actually, I feel so grateful to be the recipient of classic, loving, generous Southern hospitality in my quarantine in a beautiful guest house in Birmingham, after an intense week with an interfaith clergy group in Montgomery, witnessing the horrors of history in the legacy of slavery, lynching, segregation and mass incarceration. ...Read more...

D'var Torah: Shabbat Service April 30, 2022

05/01/2022 09:17:04 PM


 "The Reward of a Mitzvah is another Mitzvah!"


Words of Torah - Day 1 Shabbat Service

04/18/2022 11:39:49 AM


 "Passover, Plagues and Softening the Hearts."



Words of Torah - Shabbat HaGadol

04/12/2022 02:57:55 PM


Shabbat HaGadol - The Magic of Passover Preparations


Words of Torah - Legacy Shabbat

04/04/2022 03:47:11 PM


Parshat Tazria

Fri, December 9 2022 15 Kislev 5783