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Membership Annual Renewal

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Membership Category

Our policy is not to deny membership based on financial need.  If you would like to be considered for a dues reduction  please select your membership category on this page and then during checkout indicate your request for dues adjustment in Step 6.
Bonai Shalom has a membership auto-renewal service.  Many of our members, in consideration of their long-term relationship with our community, have requested this service.   Opt-in now, next year we will automatically renew your membership and continue with the same payment arrangements as this year.  Please note: If you request adjusted dues, you will still have to request an adjustment each year.  If not, this option eliminates the need to fill out forms each year.  Auto-renewal is not a mandatory change but rather an additional free service that we are offering. 

Building Fund

We’ve been working hard to be good stewards of our properties!  New members of CBS are assessed a one-time Building Fund fee of $3,300, typically paid over six years at $550 per year. If you have been a member for less than six years your building fund contribution this year is $550.   If you have fulfilled your building fund, please enter zero (0) in the box. 
If you have requested dues adjustments you will automatically be billed $10 per month for your building fund contribution.  Please multiply the number of months between now and June 30, 2020, by $10 (example: 8 months x $10= $80) and enter that amount in the box above.  
If you have fulfilled your building fund and would like to continue to contribute, please enter this year's amount here.

Aliyah Plus Giving Category

Thank you to our Aliyah members.  Bonai Shalom has set its dues level at a level that historically supports  50 -60% of our community budget.  We rely on contributions and fundraising for the remaining 40-50% we spend on our sacred community.   The delicate balance of dues, contributions and fundraising has historically left us in many years with a deficit of 1-7% This year we experienced a deficit that works out to about $250 per membership. Your additional contribution at the Aliyah levels assists us to continue to provide a high level of service to the community and results in a balanced budget.  

Aliyah Memberships are entitled to extra High Holiday tickets as follows:

Chaver - 1 ticket
Tomech - 2 tickets
Shutaf - 4 tickets
Parnas - 5 tickets
Shomer - 6 tickets

Sponsoring a Kiddush

Dues Adjustment

Check "Yes" if applicable. 
Congregation Bonai Shalom is a membership organization working within a limited budget to bring you outstanding kiddush, programming, services and learning.  Our community works hard to ensure no one is turned away due to financial hardship. When requesting adjustments, we ask that you consider the value of Bonai Shalom in your life as it compares to elective expenses such as cable bills or gym memberships.  

Please note that Bonai Shalom has set its dues level at a level that supports the community but has historically resulted most years in a deficit.   We are limited in the reductions we can provide as the funds come from  the contributions of others in our small community. Approximately 30% of our congregation pays adjusted dues and 40% pay adjusted tuition totaling $140,000 or 25% of our budget.   We have researched and selected the nationwide reference of the fair share dues model for reductions which is based on Household income.   

You must have a payment plan in order and have paid 25% of your total dues by September 1, 2019 to be eligible for High Holiday tickets.

Enter your annual household income here:

Payment Schedule & Method Selection

It is CBS policy that if you are on adjusted dues/tuition you must have monthly payments set up via auto pay by ACH or Credit Card. Please help save CBS money and consider paying your dues by ACH (automatic withdrawal from your bank account)!

Note: To be eligible for High Holiday Tickets, at least 25% of your dues and fees and any unpaid prior-year dues and tuition balances must be received (or payment plan in place) by August 1, 2019.
If you continue to charge the card/account we have on file, please select the first choice. If you are changing your payment method please make a new payment choice and contact us at 303-442-6605 or
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