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Religious School Curriculum

Our Religious School mission is to cultivate strong Jewish identity, lifelong learning, and to provide each child with the best education to maximize their potential. To instill in each child the love for Judaism and through this, to have each child be a part of their heritage in an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes spiritual, ethical, and social growth within the community. Every child is welcome in our school, no matter what challenges they may have. 

Our curriculum is based on TaL Am

TaL Am is a program in which knowledge is acquired through a variety of activities, using each of the 5 senses. Students learn Hebrew and develop a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and values using:

  • Music - Songs for each letter, holiday, and Parsha
  • Games & Activities - Corresponding to each level of difficulty and topic being studies
  • Textbooks - Each student receives a textbook and workbook (even when distance learning) for each subject taught
  • Visual Aids - include big books, posters, and more

Some of the highlights of the program include:

Pre-K & Kindergarten:

  • Introduction to Hebrew vocabulary and the Aleph-Bet
  • Learn the prayers for food, drink, and Shabbat
  • Celebrate all the major holidays and learn the symbols, names, and stories behind them
  • Introduction to Midot - Jewish values
  • Discuss where our food comes from, with an emphasis on gratitude

Hebrew Through Movement

  • Introduces Hebrew in a playful and meaningful way
  • Creates a positive first link between children and Hebrew
  • Language acquisition strategy where students learn Hebrew by hearing and responding to Hebrew commands
  • Especially useful on Shabbat when we cannot write or use arts and craft
  • Focus on conversational Hebrew as well as prayers

B'nai Mitzvah 

  • Focus on fluency in reading, writing, and conversational Hebrew
  • Students master the Shabbat morning service, Micha, and Ma'ariv - preparing to lead a service for themselves
  • Understanding of the meaning of tefillot, students write their own prayers
  • Mitzvah Project - a hand on project for each student's Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • A focus on family education, centered around workshops on the meaning behind Jewish traditions
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